When He Says He Doesn’t Want a Relationship

These phrases indicate that a man really does not want a relationship. But he does not want them with you.

” I do not know how to love “

Or “I’m not falling in love. ” With this phrase, the man wants to show that you will not melt his heart. Like, many have tried, but he is still looking for the very one. In the meantime, the search continues, he has fun and offers unobtrusive ” communication “. A comfortable position when you don’t want to seem like a bad guy, but you are not going to make any promises either. And you don’t really need a relationship. 

” I have no time for this now “

Because there is a lot of work, you have to get back on your feet or just somehow everything goes wrong in life and you need to sort it out. In fact, this phrase means that a man is not sure that he wants to connect his life with you. 

Perhaps he is not against a serious relationship, but in the top contenders, you are clearly not in the first place. He calls you when he wants to have fun, and then he can disappear without a twinge of conscience for an indefinite time. After all, he said that he was not up to this, which means that you have nothing to be offended at. 

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