What happens to your body when you stop eating bread

We tell you what to expect if you decide to give up starchy foods 🍞

They say that bread hurts the figure, badly affects the mental abilities and in general it is fu. We disagree: There are no good or bad products that definitely don’t suit everyone. If you do decide to give up bread (for example, because of a gluten allergy or for the sake of experiment), keep a list of what you can expect 🍞🍞🍞

⚪ You will lose weight, but not much

Bread is a supplier of a large amount of carbohydrates to the body, but not the only one. You can get rid of 1-2 kg, but the fat reserves will remain in place. And thank God: the fat ensures the beauty of your nails, hair and skin, as well as the health of your organs. So it’s better not to remove the bread at all, but to replace it with healthier alternatives: salad, bread or breadcrumbs.

⚪ Your energy level will drop

And it is logical: carbohydrates give us strength and energy for life. True, there are slow and fast carbohydrates, which are found in bread. The chip of fast carbohydrates is that they sharply give a burst of energy, which is also drastically consumed. If you constantly feed on buns, then its level will be stable. Give up flour, without replacing it with anything, and the energy will fly away in no time. Limit bread gradually so that the body gets used to new conditions.

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⚪ You will get a little irritable

This applies to those who eat a loaf (or even more) per day. If fast carbohydrates from bread are your main source of energy, then it is logical that their abrupt disappearance will cause stress in the body. You may feel tired, weak, irritable, and even dizzy. Fortunately, only temporarily: the body will eventually adapt.

⚪ You may be deficient in certain substances, but not necessarily

Some people are indifferent to bread, but cannot eat accompanying foods without it, such as cheese, butter, vegetables, or sandwich ingredients. In this case, refusal to eat bread will lead to refusal of other food, and if you do not consume it in different conditions, there will be a shortage. Think of what else you can combine the products that you usually put on a sandwich, and then there will be no shortage of vitamins.

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