Starring the lovely Lily Collins 🎭

“Emily in Paris” is a ten-episode novelty from Netflix, in the center of the plot of which a young girl from Chicago, who moved to France for a year. Emily specializes in promoting social media accounts, works with pharmaceutical companies, and does not even think about leaving her native American town. However, circumstances force her, and Emily goes to Paris, where her usual life is turned upside down.

The setting is as typical as possible for a romcom, but this is not a minus. On the contrary, a lot of cool and close to the reality TV series have been released recently, but light, romantic and slightly naive ones have faded into the background, and they were not enough. Emily in Paris is one of those – there is a minimum of drama and conflicts, many wonderful shots of Paris, pink peonies and white coffee cups (just like on Pinterest, yes), and a good love story.

  • Series Creator – Darren Star, he is also the writer of Sex and the City, so it is not surprising that the two series were immediately compared.

To be honest, they don’t have much in common. The main character has a huge number of stylish outfits, but this is hardly surprising for modern TV series. And also a clear transfer of the atmosphere of the city – but there was New York, and here in Paris.

Overall, they are completely different. “Emily in Paris” is lighter and more romantic, although the topics of sex are raised there, but rather along standard lines – “SVBG” nevertheless fixed on this and in each episode analyzed in detail various problems, which at that time it was not customary to talk about openly (which is why it later became cult).

“Emily in Paris” is not so confused about sex or any other. He does not immerse the audience, but rather walks over the top, and for this, he has already managed to turn up criticism. The culture of France is indeed portrayed quite typical – croissants for breakfast, far from the most friendly people around, and bouquets of pink flowers at every corner.

  • I would like, of course, more immersion, but we must remember that the genre itself does not dispose of this. The creators clearly planned to create the lightest and romantic atmosphere, and they did it.

By the way, about romance: by tradition, the main character has several love interests at once. A guy in Chicago, with whom they seem to have agreed to maintain a relationship at a distance, a pretty neighbor and still far from one male character interested in her attention (we will not spoil).

Not that it would be a super space for shippers, but it is not difficult to get into the main love story. She is cute, funny and without particularly tense plot moves – in short, everything is also typical for a rom-com.

What’s super:

  • Let me emphasize again: the atmosphere… If you are looking for something light and smiley, then this series is definitely for you.
  • The picture as a whole: views of Paris, the visual identity of the main character, and even the food it is so beautiful that you just want to photograph it for Instagram.
  • Lily Collins… The cast is generally very good, but the image of Emily Lily embodied just perfectly. This is definitely her role.

What’s for everyone:

  • As I mentioned above, the creators don’t bother too much about details and logic… They do not care that the main character knows French at the A1 level and, with the help of a translator, writes posts on social networks for a fairly large company. In the series it will ride, in life for this, they would be fired without severance pay.
  • In the series no quality antagonist– which means that the main driving force of the conflict is almost absent. No, Emily runs into misunderstandings and fights with the new boss, but none of this really bothers you. From the first episode, it is clear that they will eventually become friends (this is not a spoiler, just a theory), and nothing super dramatic happens. But again, this is a matter of taste – perfect for those who are tired of eternal dramas.

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