Top 10 Good-Girl-Bad-Boy Movies

Often beautiful, smart and decent girls choose not the same balanced and calm guys, but fall in love with reckless ones. Even scientists have noticed this attraction of women to the bad guys, which they attribute to the search for emotional thrills. What attracts them?

Yes, they can be selfish, they often break the rules, but they also have positive qualities: courage, independence. Entering into a relationship with a womanizer or a fighter, a woman gets what she strives for on an unconscious level – the intensity of passions, emotions that she needs to feel the fullness of life.

In addition, bad guys behave and look like “real macho”: with a courageous appearance, they never give themselves offense, are not afraid to show their aggression.

A rating of 10 movies about a good girl and a bad guy will help you take a detached view of such a relationship. Of course, cinema is different from life, but many screenwriters and directors rely on their own life experience when creating films. pictures that are far from life will not find a response in the soul of the viewer.

10. Fear (1996)

A thriller directed by Jace Foley, starring Reese Witherspoon and Mark Wahlberg. The film ” Fear ” is about 16-year-old Nicole. Once she goes to a nightclub with her friend and meets the charming David there. She really likes an attractive young man, but soon the girl realizes that she has chosen the wrong guy. his passion becomes an obsession.

Viewers write that the film looks in one breath, they constantly want to know what will happen next. It is called an amazing thriller, bewitching, interesting and intriguing.

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