Top 10 Celebrities with the Most Impressive Breasts

Breasts are the pride of many women. Of course, provided that she is lush and beautiful.

Famous girls skillfully use their beauty, and, at times, physical data give them a great advantage over colleagues.

In addition, many stories are known when breasts became more popular than their owner.

No one is interested in talent and ability anymore. It is better to admire the perfect forms, and what the owner does, whether she sings, dances or plays in a movie, does not matter anymore.

Below are the top 10 celebrities with the most impressive breasts.

10. Kim Kardashian | Size 4

Of course, Kim Kardashian’s calling card is not breasts at all, but she should also be given attention. Previously, the star had a third size, but after giving birth, Kim decided not only to tighten, but also to slightly enlarge her breasts.

The celebrity is confident in her beauty, and regularly appears in public in provocative outfits.

9. Nicki Minaj | Size 4

Nicky is also accused of the fact that her breasts are the result of the work of plastic surgeons.

Looks impressive, especially when combined with a chic butt.

8. Kat Dennings | Size 4

Kat’s breasts are very often the subject of discussion. Fans argue and hope to find out if it’s natural or not.

Of course, Dennings denies the intervention of plastic surgeons, but few of the stars are frank about their appearance.

7. Salma Hayek | Size 4

The figure of the actress is very harmonious, big breasts and thin waist drive all men crazy. Salma has never used the services of plastic surgeons; nature has endowed her with such wealth.

The actress in every possible way emphasizes the beauty of her breasts, she can often be seen in a dress with a deep neckline.

6. Mariah Carey | Size 4

Now any woman will envy the magnificent bust of Mariah, and in fact it was once an average “two”.

On this occasion, they even came up with a joke that after the operation the singer had much more fans among men. However, Keri is not worried about this fact, she does not pay attention to gossip and gossip.

5. Scarlett Johansson | Size 4

Only the lazy one doesn’t discuss Scarlett’s breasts. There is an opinion that the actress even had plastic surgery to reduce her breasts.

Not so long ago, Scarlett was seen at a social reception in a poorly chosen dress. The fans were very upset: it seemed to them that the star’s chest sagged. Johansson did not comment on this situation in any way.

4. Sofia Vergara | Size 6

Even experts cannot answer the question: “Own or artificial?” Sofia talks about how she dreamed of having a breast reduction operation, but her mother forbade her to think about it and advised her to accept herself as she is.

Now Sofia is not afraid to attract the attention of others and is happy to put on revealing outfits.

3. Pamela Anderson | Size 5 (during the filming of Rescuers Malibu)

Of course, this list would not be complete without lifeguard Pamela. She has enlarged her breasts so many times that no one knows exactly what size she is now.

Several years ago, Anderson decided to return to her original size. She reduced her breasts, but soon fell back under the surgeons’ knife. Apparently, Anderson is so used to a lush bust that she feels uncomfortable without silicone.

2. Christina Hendricks | Size 5

Fans (and not only them) are worried about the naturalness of Christina’s breasts. She claims that she would never have decided on plastic.

By the way, Hendrix’s breasts attract much more attention than her acting data. The actress is very offended by this, although she gladly emphasizes what nature has awarded her.

1. Anna Semenovich | Size 5

Our compatriot also made it into this list. Not surprisingly, Anna Semenovich’s breasts are the dream of every Russian man.

The singer claims that everything is natural for her. But the photographs from ten years ago speak of something completely different. Anna explains this fact by the fact that she always dreamed of doing plastic surgery, but her breasts began to grow by themselves. It remains to take her word for it.

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