Purposeful, lively, and self-confident – the heroines of these series always know what they want and clearly go to their goal, without deviating from the path.

Arya Stark, Game of Thrones

Since childhood, Arya has established herself as daring and freedom-loving. She preferred weapons and horses to embroidery, she was attracted by the war. The best gift she received from her brother was a sword, which the girl called the Needle for subtlety. Having lost many loved ones, she was forced to go in search of her “pack”.

We see Arya changing to hide her noble origins. She hides among the commoners, begs for alms, works as a servant, endures beatings and all the time improves her combat skills, eventually becoming a professional assassin in order to avenge the death of loved ones. After a long journey, she returns to Winterfell and meets with her sister Sansa. Whether Arya is destined to meet his beloved brother Jon Snow, we have to learn from the last, eighth season.

Eleven, Stranger Things

Another heroine with a difficult fate and extraordinary abilities! Eleven – this is the name of the heroine of the acclaimed science fiction series “Stranger Things” – was kidnapped at birth and taken to Hawkins National Laboratory. There, the girl was examined, hurt, and kept in poor conditions until one day she managed to escape.

During the escape, fate brought Odie together with three friends – Michael, Lucas, and Dustin. Learning about the girl’s abilities, Michael asked for help in finding their missing friend Will. And that’s where we watch the entire first season, at the end of which Eleven disappears.

From the continuation of the story, we learn that Sheriff Hopper hid the girl in his house in order to protect her. But the desire to see friends was stronger than the need to remain in the shadows, and Odi is again ready to sacrifice herself for the sake of saving loved ones.

Andrea, “Fire Department”

The series, after which you start to believe – there is nothing that the girl could not cope with. “Fire Department 19,” tells about the everyday life of the brave Seattle firefighters, who risk their lives every day to save people. Among the fire brigade, there is a young girl Andy, who literally grew up in this fire station and decided to continue her father’s work.

Andy became so successful in her business that she began to apply for the position of captain of the fire department, and for the leadership, she will have to fight with another ambitious lieutenant. Everything would be fine, but the situation is complicated by the romantic relationship that arose between competitors.

Elena Gilbert, The Vampire Diaries

Elena became a real example of sensitivity, sincerity, devotion and nobility. She is the soul of the company, a good friend and an inveterate optimist, despite the fact that the girl has lost her parents. Her life in the small town of Mystic Falls changes dramatically when she encounters the otherworldly – the city is literally teeming with vampires, werewolves and who knows who else.

Throughout the story, the girl grew up and turned from a sweet teenager into a strong-willed woman, capable of making serious decisions and ready to sacrifice herself. She conquers with her simplicity and openness. And, of course, the actress herself, who played the role of Elena – Nina Dobrev, added a lot to this image, without whom it is simply impossible to imagine the series.

Amy Farah Fowler, The Big Bang Theory

We know that you probably love Penny the most! But judge – Amy is not only a very kind and bright girl, but also a devoted friend, and she is also a successful neuroscientist.

Before socializing and joining a group of friends, she had to go through a lot: loneliness and misunderstanding at school, difficult student years spent in scientific research and playing the harp, rare dates “for the show” to please her mother.

Amy’s life changes dramatically when Sheldon appears in her, but now she has to endure the quirks of this boring genius. However, watching the development of relations between two intellectuals with a clear regime and an unshakable picture of the world is very exciting and funny.

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