The Most Attractive Female Rock Singers

Female vocals in rock music are rather controversial, since some are delighted with him, while others do not admit his presence at all in the male, in their opinion, genre.

Nevertheless, the frenzied popularity of groups with girls at the microphone proves that female vocals have a right to exist, especially if they are accompanied by a “hot” appearance.

Today we will admire 10 sexy beauties singing in a wide variety of styles, but they all sing heavy music.

It will be about both very young (but very talented and famous) beauties, and about those who was a sex symbol quite recently.

10. Simone Simons

The red-haired beauty from the Dutch symphonic metal band Epica has been performing since 2002 (she is now 34).

According to rumors, she decided to take up music after she got her hands on the Nightwish album as a teenager. The girl was so impressed by Tyra Turunen’s vocals that Simona immediately understood what she wanted to do all her life.

Symphonic metal is considered the most favorable genre for girls, since they need to sing with academic vocals in it, but even for such a “soft”, by the standards of heavy music, the genre of Simon still looks amazing.

It is easy to imagine her as a pop singer, but to see her on the stage of a rock festival is difficult, but very pleasant.

9. Alissa White-Eye

Alissa is the complete opposite of Simone, both externally and in terms of singing. The 33-year-old vocalist of Arch Enemy and The Agonist sings with extreme vocals, performing all the hardest: death metal, thrash metal, melodic death metal and metalcore.

Looking at her, you can’t even think how powerful her voice is and how rough (in a good way) it can sound. She sings with pure vocals very rarely, but in vain: she does it no worse than extreme.

It is noteworthy that the previous Arch Enemy vocalist Angela Gossow had an even stronger voice and looked just amazing. She voluntarily ceded her place to Alissa, since the younger blue-haired beauty was able to bring more benefit to the group.

8. Maria Brink

The vocalist of the metal core group In This Moment, which she herself founded, Maria has been considered a recognized sex symbol in the rock scene for many years.

Her appearance and ability to create unusual images allowed her to repeatedly enter similar ratings compiled by reputable music publications.

Now she is 41 years old and age, unfortunately, takes its toll, but it is impossible not to mention her. Moreover, she can “wind up” not only with her forms, but also with an amazing mezzo-soprano.

7. Mizuho Lin

This is one of those cases where the vocalist is more famous than the group itself, so they start listening to SEMBLANT mainly because of their interest in Mizuho.

The girl was born in Brazil and her parents were from Taiwan, so she got an unusual appearance.

She began to get involved in metal music at the age of 11, soon starting to take guitar lessons. Now she is not just the face of the group, but the adornment of all Brazilian heavy music.

6. Elena Kataraga

The soloist of the Moldovan group Infected Rain literally made herself: she independently came up with her own image and style. Having a pretty appearance, Elena made her more rocker with the help of numerous tattoos and piercings.

Many fans of the group first became interested not in the music of the collective, but in their vocalist, and only then they began to listen.

The girl speaks excellent Russian, and sings mainly in English, and without a noticeable accent. Possessing powerful extreme vocals, Kataraga sings excellently and “clean parts”, being a real all-rounder.

5. Taylor Momsen

The vocalist of The Pretty Reckless has been very talented since childhood: at the age of 5 she recorded the song “Christmas, why can’t I find you?” for the film “The Grinch Stole Christmas”, in which she also starred.

She had every chance to build a successful career as an actress and model (with such and such data), but she preferred music, founding the group in 2009 when she was only 16.

A memorable voice with a characteristic hoarseness is really good, especially considering that she sang many hits before her 20s.

Taylor is now 25 and she continues to actively tour and record new material, performing with pleasure in a half-naked form and shocking the audience.

4. Elize Ryd

Swedish beauty Hanna Elise Isabel May Höstblomma Reed joined The Amaranthe in 2009, becoming the main vocalist.

Her pure soprano perfectly suits the style of the group, especially since it is successfully framed by extreme male vocalists.

The undeniably attractive Elizabeth Reed periodically gains extra pounds, but it cannot be said for certain that this spoils her greatly. She has never been a fat woman, moreover, due to the absence of piercings and many tattoos, she looks “like home”.

3. Sharon Den Adel

The vocalist of the Dutch symphonic metal band Within Temptation turns 45 this summer, but she is one of those women who are age to face.

Of course, she no longer excites the minds of listeners as much as before, but Sharon definitely knows how to age beautifully.

Over the years, Del Adel’s performance has not fallen either: in 2017, after another tour with the group, the woman experienced a creative crisis, due to which her solo project My Indigo was born.

2. Avril Lavigne

Despite the fact that many do not consider Avril’s music to be rock, it is impossible to do without it on this list.

The girl is not only beautiful and talented, but also knows how to present herself: at first she won an army of fans with her boyish style, then she switched to semi-gothic corsets, and now she completely prefers pink tones.

In addition, she gave up alcohol and began to lead a healthy lifestyle, which will certainly help her maintain her beauty in 10 years.

1. Heidi Shepherd and Carla Harvey

We placed the two beauties together due to the fact that both of them are the face and voice of the groove metal band Butcher Babies.

They use their sexuality the most insolently, creating a whole show out of it. At the initial stages of their careers, they performed almost naked, smeared with fake blood, which looked at the same time creepy and exciting.

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