The star paid the bills!

The 30-year-old singer donated about $ 13,000 to two mothers. She read the article in the Washington Post, which deals with Americans unable to pay their rent due to the crisis that hit the coronavirus.

A single Nashville mother, Nikki Cornwell, revealed a $ 5,000 debt, which made her unsure if her kids could celebrate Christmas this year.

“It was a terrible year for us”

 – wrote Cornwell on her fundraising page. The woman notes that she was supposed to start work in May, but things dragged on when she tested positive for the coronavirus.

“It was tough because I’m not the only one looking for a job. My family would appreciate any help on this holiday. I pray for miracles. May God grant everyone health “, 

She added.

Taylor Swift was so imbued with this story that she sent a donation along with a touching letter:

“Nikki, I read about you in the Washington Post and I thought you were really brave to share your story. I am very sorry that you had to go through all this year, and I wanted to send you this gift from one person. From one Nashville girl to another Love, Taylor. “

Another mother’s story also caught Taylor’s attention. Shelby Selewski from Michigan shared in an article that she lost her job this spring and was “Forced to stay at home with her little daughter, who was born with a deformed lung just before the pandemic began in December and was hospitalized for two months.”

As Shelby says, she tirelessly tried to find a job, but since the baby needs to be looked after, and the eldest son studied in a virtual school, everything seemed much more complicated. To pay the bills, she had to sell “whatever they could sell,” but new problems arise every day.

In the end, the Selevski problem was also solved. Taylor sent a donated $ 13,000 for her family:

“Shelby, I am sending you this gift after I read about you in the Washington Post. No one should be under the same stress that you had. Love, Taylor. “

The world is not without kind people, and that’s cool!

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