SUMMER PEACH BOOTY: 10 Ways To Make Your Butt Look, Beautiful

Getting ready for swimsuit season? Let’s explore a variety of ways to improve the condition of the skin on the buttocks. This summer you will not have to shyly hide your fifth fulcrum behind a pareo!

A beautiful butt has two aspects: shape and healthy skin. You can give your buttocks a seductive shape with the help of dancing and exercise. The so-called “walking on the buttocks” is especially popular. However, I would not advise you to get involved in this type of activity, as it can cause skin irritation. By the way, about the skin. What to do if the skin on the buttocks is ugly: wrinkled, covered with pimples, pimples, and rashes? Here you can not do without useful beauty recipes if you want the skin on the bottom to be soft, smooth, and silky.

1. Coffee scrub for exfoliation

There are many scrubbing and exfoliating products available, but I recommend using coffee grounds in all options. Do not waste ground coffee in vain, use the grounds from the already brewed coffee. And it’s not just about saving. During cooking, the thick released useful substances from the cells, some of which will be absorbed into the skin during the procedures. The effect of uncooked thick is much less useful, it simply removes the scales of dead skin without enriching the body with useful substances. You can also use scrubs made from ground fruit pits, such as cherry pits. Personally, I rejected this option, since it is more abrasive than coffee. The choice of scrub is a matter of taste.

My favorite recipe: a couple of tablespoons of coffee grounds, half a glass of low-fat kefir. Stir and rub the skin with gentle movements.

2. Oil for moisturizing

Moisturizing oil

Remember the importance of hydration to keep your skin youthful and firm. In my opinion, it is best to use products for children’s hygiene. Buy body oil and baby butt cream. They have a delicate, pleasant smell and such products will not cause allergies. Again, here everyone has to choose based on the characteristics of their own skin. Feminine hygiene products caused me severe allergies, which is why I have been using baby oils and creams for years. You can make your own body moisturizer by mixing a small amount of olive oil with essential oils. A couple of drops are enough.

Attention: it is strictly forbidden to apply pure essential oils to the skin. Concentrates can cause severe epidermal burns and should be diluted with other ingredients.

3. Gels with salicylic acid to clear pores and remove acne

Skin cleansing gels

Facial products containing salicylic acid are a good remedy for acne and blackheads on the bottom. Add a little of the product to a soft sponge, lather it, and rub it on the buttocks with gentle circular movements for a minute. Rinse and dry your skin, blotting your body with a towel. You may experience excessive dryness if you have thin skin. In this case, be sure to moisten it with oil after a shower. Salicylic acid will dry out pimples and heal them. The result will be noticeable after a few applications. Means of this kind remove pimples not only on the face and buttocks but also on the back.

Attention! Before applying remedies to the skin (be it a cream, a healing ointment or a homemade lotion), do an allergy test: apply the remedy to a small area of ​​the skin and observe the reaction. We also recommend consulting a dermatologist .

4. Medicinal chamomile for inflammation

Chamomile for inflammation

Chamomile officinalis is practically a panacea for all diseases. It has a wide range of healing properties and will help you improve the condition of your skin, giving it a soft and healthy color without breakouts. While taking a bath, add a couple of glasses of chamomile decoction or infusion to it. You can also wipe the skin with a cotton pad dipped in chamomile.

5. Vacuum massage for blood circulation and anti-cellulite

Massage cups

A popular option for enhancing your appearance is vacuum massage. Many people buy silicone miracle jars for a massage at the pharmacy, assuring that they will not only remove excess weight but also get rid of cellulite and improve blood flow, which will have a beneficial effect on skin health. Since the method is so popular, I could not ignore it. But I’ll be honest: he didn’t help me and didn’t really like it. I left bruises on my skin a couple of times. Fu … 

Attention! Do not use this method if you have varicose veins.

6. Table vinegar for mosquito bites

Table vinegar

In my city, the gardens have not really bloomed yet, and the mosquitoes have already crawled out into the light of day. From these bastards, my body is covered with itchy red bumps and especially the scoundrels like to bite me for the “bottom ninety” (okay, okay, I’m far from 90 cm there). For years I toiled, wasting money on bite medicine until a wise neighbor advised me to use the most common vinegar. I myself did not expect an instant effect! The itching went away immediately, and the redness subsided noticeably after the first time. If you are tormented by mosquitoes, soak a cotton ball in vinegar, apply to the bite and leave for a couple of minutes.

7. Honey mask for complex skin care

Honey mask

Honey is the best gift of Mother Nature, procedures with their use have many useful properties: they heal and tighten the skin, enrich it with useful substances, and help to lose weight. Honey masks are good for the whole body and the buttocks are no exception. You can add other ingredients to honey or use it neat. If the honey is very thick, heat it slightly in a water bath. Apply a thin layer of the liquid mass on the buttocks and gently hammer into the skin with the pads of your fingers. Then take a shower. Keep in mind that honey must be natural, store-bought burnt sugar rubbish with flavors and dyes will not work for you. For real honey, head to the farmers’ market or the monastery fair.

8. Bath for removing toxins and combating skin diseases

Bath and sauna

A bath or sauna is one of the best remedies for skin problems. Do not forget about contraindications: it is not recommended to visit the steam room in case of acute forms of psoriasis or open wounds. If you want to get rid of pimples and goosebumps, then be sure to visit the bathhouse. Once a week is enough for a long-term effect, however, you will notice the result even after a single visit to the steam room.

9. The correct diet for nourishing the skin from the inside

Healthy eating

Acne, sagging, dryness, pimples are all external manifestations of the internal problems of the body. Often, such deficiencies arise due to a lack of vitamins. In particular, spring vitamin deficiency is accompanied by an acute deficiency of vitamins A, C, and E, which leads to itching, rashes, acne, and other nasty things. Be sure to enrich your diet with seafood, as well as fresh vegetables. There should be vegetables with fats for better absorption of nutrients. Just season the salad with a little vegetable oil or sour cream. It will also not be superfluous to drink a course of vitamin complexes. Don’t forget about fresh fruits too! Want your butt to look like a peach? Then eat peaches, because they contain a lot of nutrients that improve skin condition.

10. More movement

A beautiful female ass pleases the eye of any man. However, due to the sedentary lifestyle of many girls, she is not as good as they would like. What to advise? Do not sit here – I am not speaking figuratively, but literally. Get up more often, move. Our poor buttocks now and then rub against the fabric, against the seats – should we be surprised at the rashes? 

Applying these tips in practice, you can safely show off in a bikini on the beach. What remedies help you to improve the condition of the skin of the buttocks? Share your beauty secrets!

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