Stretching chest exercises

Stretching or stretching exercises will help develop flexibility, prevent muscle shortening, return the tissue to normal length, and tone down after intense workouts. Stretching exercises can help speed up recovery from exercise and stimulate muscle growth in response to exercise.

At the beginning of the session, the tissues should be stretched from the less stretched side, and more repetitions should be performed on it. The effectiveness of training depends on how long the muscle is in a stretched position. Start by holding each position for a few seconds, then gradually increase the time to several minutes. The longer the delay, the stronger the result.

Stretching exercises for the chest

During your workout program, you shouldn’t feel uncomfortable. The feeling of muscle tension should be pleasant. Any painful sensations signal a critical tension of the connective tissues and the risk of injury.

Exercise “Castle”

I. P. – standing straight. Put your feet together, raise one hand up, the other is lowered along the body. Bend your elbows, trying to join your palms in a “lock” between the shoulder blades. Grasping your palms, hold this position for a few seconds. Then repeat all movements, changing the position of the hands. Breathe freely through your nose. Perform 6 repetitions, each with three changes in the position of each hand. If you cannot fold your palms behind your back, then pick up a “connecting element” – a rubber band or a rope.

Stretching chest exercises


I. P. – lying on his back, knees bent. Bend your arms and place them closer to your shoulders, elbows up. While gently straightening your arms and legs, bend in your back. Hold the bridge pose for a few seconds and lower yourself into the IP. Rest for half a minute and repeat. Performance and height depend on physical fitness. Do 8-10 repetitions.


I. P. – standing, feet shoulder-width apart. Straighten one arm and take it to the side at shoulder level. With a straight hand, rest on a firm support, relax, lean your body forward, and slightly turn it to the other side of the support. Hold this pose for a few seconds and return to I.P. Perform 10 times.

Stretching chest exercises


I. P. – standing, feet shoulder-width apart, palms in the “lock” behind his back. On an inhalation, raise your arms up behind your back, until you feel a stretch in the chest muscles, make several springy back-up movements and return to I.P. Do it 10-12 times. 

Stretching chest exercises

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