Squats: 6 best options

These exercises are most effective for shaping not only the firm buttocks, but also tightening the hamstrings, back and abs. They don’t require any special skills. Squats are recommended to be performed regularly in 2-3 series of 10-15 times.

6 types of squats

Squat in plie

I.P. – standing straight, place your feet shoulder-width apart, and slightly turn them outward. Pull in the abdominal muscles, grasp the base of weight or dumbbell in both hands, and place the weight between your legs. As you inhale, bend your knees and sit down. Lower yourself to a position until your knees are in a right angle and your hips are parallel to the floor.

Squats: 6 best options

Try to keep your hands steady and hold the weight firmly. Pushing off the floor with your heels, return to I.P. Perform 3 series 15 times each.

Jump squat

I.P. – standing straight, put your feet shoulder-width apart, parallel to each other. Sit down slightly and fix this position for a few seconds. Then sharply straighten your legs and jump as high as possible. Land softly and return to starting position. Perform 3 series 15 times.

Squats: 6 best options

180 Degree Jump Squat

I.P. – standing straight, put your feet shoulder-width apart, parallel to each other. E Jericho crouch, one hand pulling up the floor, keep the other half-bent behind his back. Now sharply straighten your legs in a high jump, while making a 180-degree turn.

Squats: 6 best options

Without stopping, do the squat again, and return in the turn, to the starting position.

Squat on one leg

I. P. – standing straight, put your feet shoulder-width apart. Lift one leg slightly off the floor, leaning on the other. Hands forward. Squat down slowly on one leg, extending the other leg forward. While doing it, tense the muscles of the hips and buttocks as much as possible. Then return to I.P. and repeat on the other leg. Perform 15 times on each leg.

Squats: 6 best options

Side squat on one leg

Place a napkin under your right foot, and transfer the weight to your left foot. Squat down slowly, moving your right leg to the right side. Then, pulling that leg towards you, return to I.P. and repeat for the other leg.

Squats: 6 best options


Stand in a high bar with straight arms and jump into a squat position. Tear off your hands and then lower yourself to the bar again.

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