How to tone your body: 5 effective exercises

Have you managed to lose weight, but still do not feel lightness and satisfaction? Five simple exercises will help you quickly tone your body and strengthen your muscles.

The duration of the training is ten days. Do the exercises correctly, then a positive result is guaranteed.

5 exercises to tone your muscles

1. Hundred – helps to warm up the muscles well before a serious workout and strengthen the abs. The exercise is performed as follows:

  • lying on your back, you need to bend your legs, raise your chin, make sure that your lower back is pressed to the floor and your shoulder blades do not touch the mat;
  • pull in your stomach and tighten your abs;
  • make a hundred swings with your hands with your palms facing down.
  • With good abs, the exercise can be complicated and trained with legs extended at an acute angle.
How to tone your body: 5 effective exercises

2. The chair is practically squatting, but with minimal stress on the knee joints. Classic execution technique:

  • snuggle your back against the wall;
  • bend your knees at a right angle, as if sitting on an imaginary chair;
  • hold in position for one to two minutes. It is best to complete three to five approaches.

You can complicate the exercise and not use support in order to better develop the dorsal and gluteal muscles, but it is important to keep your back straight without rounding it or pulling your pelvis back. When performing the exercise, you can keep your hands near your head or in front of you.

3. Push – ups – helps to develop all muscle groups. Push-ups can be done in different ways – from the floor, wall or chair, with your knees off the floor, from a chair upside down, from a jumping bench, on one leg or arm. The main rule is to keep the body in one line, without kinks. You can choose any method you like and practice for three to five approaches, ten or fifteen times each.

How to tone your body: 5 effective exercises

4. Jump is a cardio exercise that strengthens blood vessels and heart muscle. Surprisingly, exercising for fifteen minutes can burn about two hundred kilocalories. The exercise is simple:

  • stand up, straighten your back, close your legs, put your hands down;
  • spread your arms across the sides and raise them above your head, while in a jump, spread your legs shoulder-width apart;
  • quickly return to the starting position.

It is important not to jump too high or straighten your legs when landing. The tone will surely increase if you make at least twenty jumps.

5. Plank – Helps to warm up all muscle groups. The plank can be performed in different ways – on outstretched arms, with legs wide apart, sideways on the forearm, with alternating arms and legs. The main thing is that the body is in a straight line without deflection and sagging. And for this, you need to tighten the abs and buttocks. For the bar, you can choose any most comfortable position, for the first time try to stand for half a minute, increasing the interval every day by fifteen seconds. Thanks to daily workouts, you can learn to stand in the plank for even ten minutes!

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