9 Yoga Positions That will Help you Gain Flexibility and Improve your Posture

Nine simple asanas will help you correct your posture. They stretch the first muscle group and strengthen the second. You can do this complex up to three times a week, taking at least one-day breaks.

Prepare a mat, yoga strap (or towel), and two support blocks to begin doing the slouching yoga asana complex for correct posture.

Cobra Pose – 5 breaths in and out

One of the first signs of poor posture is a stoop caused by a pinched chest and a constantly bowed head. This asana straightens the shoulders and neck and strengthens the whole back.

  • Lie on your stomach with your toes extended. Place your forehead on the mat and stretch your neck.
  • With your elbows bent, place your palms on the mat near your chest.
  • Resting the front of your feet on the floor, lift your head and chest as you inhale. Lift your palms and knees off the rug.
  • Flatten your shoulder blades. Take 5 slow breaths in and out. On the last exhale, get out of the position.
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