8 Things Guys Secretly Love About Women (So Pay Attention, Ladies!)

Girls, I bet you don’t even know about half of them, although you often do that!

All girls are very different. Guys love them for some zest, dissimilarity from others, for a smile, laughter, a heartfelt look … There are a lot of attractive features, and everyone is looking for what is dearest to him. But there are, at first glance, completely ordinary things that absolutely all guys, without exception, adore. And the girls do not even know about it! Because if they knew, they would act as often as possible.

So, all men love it when girls do the following:

1. Puts your head on the guy’s chest.

You can’t imagine, dear girls, how much we love it: to come home from work after a hard day at work, lie down on the sofa, and feel how someone close and dear puts their head on your chest and hugs you. 

This is an unforgettable experience! At such moments, you feel like a protector and almost a superhero, because the girl is calm and relaxed – which means she feels safe with us.

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