8 golden exercises for a flat stomach

A tucked up belly is much more than just a goal; look better in tight clothing. Apart from weakened muscles and unnecessary deposits, exercise will make you stronger and more resilient. You don’t need special equipment, just persistence, and regularity.

Exercises for the abdominal muscles

1. Exercise ” plank “

Bend your elbows 90 degrees and place your weight on your forearms. Your entire body should form one straight line, your stomach is tucked up, your muscles are tense.

8 golden exercises for a flat stomach

2. Inverted plank

Place your hands under your shoulders, direct your palms towards the heels, pull your socks forward, push your pelvis outward, look upward, keep your back straight.

8 golden exercises for a flat stomach

3. Bridge pose

Lie on your back and bend your legs, placing your feet parallel to each other and as close to your buttocks as possible.  Spread your knees slightly wider than your hips. Then move your shoulders away from your ears while bringing your elbows closer together. Now push the floor with your feet and lift your pelvis, grabbing your ankles with your hands.

8 golden exercises for a flat stomach

4. Boat pose

Lie on your back, exhale, simultaneously raise your legs and tilt your torso back, keep your back straight, pull your toes towards you and up. Try to balance on your buttocks, not your tailbone, and keep your feet raised above your head.  This will help to work out the stomach, the front of the thighs.

8 golden exercises for a flat stomach

5. Bow pose

Lie on your stomach with your arms along your torso. Lift your heels up, bending your knees, then grab your ankles with your hands. While breathing evenly, begin to remove your feet, trying to straighten your knees. Relax the muscles of the arms and back, strain only the muscles of the legs, bring the knees and feet together.

8 golden exercises for a flat stomach

6. Twisted chair posture

Place your feet hip-width apart or together, the main thing is that the feet are parallel to each other, and the heels are firmly pressed to the floor. Then bend your knees slightly and pull your pelvis back, pulling your tailbone. Raise your straight arms up. Stay in this pose for 5-6 breathing cycles.

8 golden exercises for a flat stomach

7. Straight side angle

 This pose will develop stability while intensely stretching the lateral surfaces of the chest, exercising the muscles that support breathing.

8 golden exercises for a flat stomach

8. Side plank with a turn

This is an ideal oblique exercise. By alternately performing tension and stretching of muscle groups, you will perfectly increase the tone in the problem area.

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