7 Exercises To Reduce Your Side Fat Quickly

The proposed exercises for the lower back area contribute to the strengthening of the spine, working on muscles – flexors, lower back, and lats, forming a beautiful posture. In addition, they stretch the spine effectively to fight fat in the lower back.

Is it possible to remove excess fat in the lower back by connecting to physical activity? If you want to fully “pump” the muscles in the lower back, it is important to choose the right exercises. Each of the described exercises is performed on average 7 times. Add 1 new exercise to the next workout. A signal that you are moving in the right direction will be a pleasantly tired feeling in the muscles. The norm will be the execution of this complex in a day. The number of approaches in the exercises is individual.  

1. Deadlift + dumbbells 

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  • Before the power load, we slightly “warm up”. 
  • Starting position – standing up straight, feet slightly apart.
  • We hold dumbbells near the lateral surface of the hips. 
  • We direct the torso forward, bend the knees slightly. 
  • We perform a downward bend, touch the feet with dumbbells. The dumbbells move from the feet to the hips. 
  • We straighten our back, do not lean back excessively. The spine is straight. 
  • We perform 7 exercises measuredly. We are gradually increasing the number of approaches.
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