6 bio-hacks for body and mind

Biohacking is a new phenomenon that denotes a systems approach to human biology. It includes wellness practices that improve the quality of life and slow down the aging process. This can be achieved by various methods: by optimizing nutrition, giving up bad habits, breathing techniques and meditation, psychoemotional mood.

The goal of biohacking is to become the best version of yourself using techniques that improve your physical and mental health. 

Biohacking for physical and mental health

1. Take several deep breaths and full exhalations, inflating your belly. Take a strong breath through your mouth, filling your lungs completely. Exhale briefly through your mouth 30 times. After that, hold your breath for 1 minute. Now inhale as fully as possible and hold your breath for 15 seconds. This is one cycle. Repeat 4 cycles regularly.

6 biohacks for body and mind

2. Cold treatment:

  • cool shower – at first it’s scary to get under cold water. You can start with cool water and gradually lower the temperature until you get used to it;
  • ice baths – pour ice (a couple of bags) into a cool bath and immerse yourself in water;
  • go out into the cold – when you get used to hardening, go out into the cold in light clothes. Start with a few minutes.
6 biohacks for body and mind

3. Sincere laughter reduces stress hormones, boosts immunity and helps create a sense of happiness. Imagine something that scares or upsets you, now remember some funny situation and laugh heartily. Gradually, you will be convinced that the source of stress disappears.

4. Remind yourself more often that giving up alcohol is not a sacrifice, but a gift to your own body. Tell yourself firmly that you will only drink water or juices and have fun at any party. Try not to stay late, you can plan some important thing for the morning. Find like-minded people. Use this time to take care of your friends. Don’t be proud or apologize for not drinking alcohol.

5. Reading is a great way to learn new and useful information, spend time interestingly or plunge into another reality. Load the brain with the knowledge of wise and successful people. You will be imbued with years of other people’s experience. This will help build interesting ideas into your worldview and complement it.

6 biohacks for body and mind

6. Gratitude will help you focus on the positive, change your thoughts about life, make friends with those who are truly dear, feel satisfaction, and happiness.

Think about what you can be grateful for. Feel gratitude filling your entire body. Share this feeling with others – call or write to the one you are grateful to and tell about it.

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