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1. The Little Mermaid

We all remember how Disney’s “Little Mermaid” ended – Ariel became a man, married Prince Eric, happiness, children, love, and all things. However, in Andersen’s original tale, it didn’t end quite so well. The prince married the princess, and the Little Mermaid threw herself from the ship into the sea and turned into foam. That is, she died.

There is even a legend (unconfirmed, but still interesting) that Andersen dedicated this tale to his friend, with whom he was in love for a long time. They could not be together – just like the Little Mermaid and the Prince – and the writer came up with such a beautiful and tragic metaphor for their story.

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2. Coraline

Neil Gaiman, in principle, is not a children’s writer, among his works are such novels as “American Gods”, “Nowhere”, “Good Omens” … However, for some reason, it is customary to recommend “Coraline” to children of primary and secondary school age. No matter how it is! And although the main character of Coraline is a little girl, the plot there will scare any adult.

Together with her mom and dad, Coraline moves to a new house, where she immediately begins to study the environment – including the walled door in the living room, which beckons her. She lives on the other side, but other parents, only instead of eyes they have buttons. And this is just the beginning of the nightmare that the girl got into.

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3. Hansel and Gretel

You probably remember this fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm – little Hansel and Gretel get lost in the forest and find a gingerbread house in the most often. It belongs to an evil witch who tries to eat children, but they turn out to be more cunning and twist her around.

But in the original version of this story, instead of a witch, there was … the Devil! And he tried not to eat, but to saw the unfortunates on the goats (emphasis on the first syllable;) But even there Hansel and Gretel were smarter, so the Devil was left with nothing.

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4. Frog King

Remember the 2009 Disney cartoon The Princess and the Frog? So, this is an adaptation of another fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm, “The Frog King.” And if in the adaptation everything is cute and beautiful, the Princess kisses the frog, and it turns into a handsome Prince, then in the original everything is not at all so rosy.

The princess turns out to be spoiled and squeamish, so instead of kissing the frog, she throws it against the wall. The ending, as you know, is not at all happy.

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5. Poor boy in the grave

The title already speaks for itself, but the plot, believe me, is even more nightmarish. Also a fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm – these guys loved to terrify. In the center of the plot is an orphan boy who lives with his distant relatives (does he resemble anyone?). He carries out many difficult tasks, and at some point he just gets bored – the boy decides to commit suicide.

He is looking for poison in his master’s house in order to “kill himself”, but each time the poison turns out to be something edible and safe – either wine or honey. In the end, he runs to the cemetery, finds an empty dug grave there, lies down in it, and dies …

It would be terrible to read at night, wouldn’t it?

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