10 Stars That Haven’t Aged A DAY In Over A Decade

The appearance of most people changes a lot with age and they become completely different from themselves in their youth.

This problem is especially acute for actors, for whom the face and figure are a “working tool”.

Some have to change roles over the years, while others manage to look 25 or 50 to 35 at 40.

Even actresses, who are more afraid of old age than men, manage to maintain their attractiveness at an already respectable age.

10. Halle Berry

The American actress has always been considered one of the main beauties of Hollywood.

In 2001, in the drama Ball of Monsters, she drove millions of men crazy by appearing on the screen in the nude. However, not only the figure, but also the talent was striking: it was not for nothing that she received an Oscar for this role, becoming its first black owner.

Halle Berry celebrated her 53rd birthday in August, but hardly anyone can tell what she looks like these years. The same young beauty is easily recognized in her, and her age only added charm to her, making her even more attractive for someone.

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