10 Self-Destructive Phrases You Should Never Say To Yourself

Every girl would like to be confident, self-sufficient, interesting. But numerous complexes often prevent you from becoming the ideal one. We need to fight them.

A person will be loved and respected by other people if he also treats himself. But often we ourselves give ourselves a negative attitude or, as the esotericists would say, we bring damage to ourselves.

There are phrases that should not be repeated even if you find yourself in a difficult situation.

10. I’m fat

This is a self-destructive phrase, and it doesn’t matter if you really got better, or if you just want to be lighter and more airy. You should not tell her friends or acquaintances, and even more so to yourself, even as a joke.

If there is a problem with being overweight, it needs to be addressed. Count calories, move more, choose a sport that is interesting for you. You can find a good nutritionist and eat by following his advice.

But extreme methods of losing weight, such as a hunger strike or a strict diet, are best avoided. chronic diseases may appear. In addition, the weight that you lost in this way will definitely return to you.

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