10 Most Beautiful Hair Color Trends That Are Worth Trying in 2021

Fashion in 2021 is diverse. Hairdressers and fashionistas have a huge scope for creativity – ombre, coloring, highlighting, balayazh. People again turned their attention to blonde hair. Today, almost all hairstyles have light waves. There is also an emphasis on naturalness, although this cannot be said for some representatives of the list. However, bright, “informal” colors are not losing ground either. Thank God, today it is safer to dye your hair than it used to be.

For the best painting result, it is worth combining different techniques. For example, if you use lightning with American highlights, the hair looks natural with any color. Also, pay attention to one of the trends this year – the babylights technique, when lighter strands border the rest of the mass.

Want to know what is the most beautiful hair color in 2021? We present photos of fashionable light and dark shades for coloring blondes and brunettes.

10. Platinum blonde

Cold blond combined with dark roots is the trend of 2021, but very soon it will become obsolete. Cold blonde includes platinum and ash shades.

The most fashionable is the Scandinavian version, when warm roots smoothly turn into a cold blond. The Scandinavian blond has gained popularity not only because of its uniqueness, but also due to its versatility, since such coloring is suitable for girls with both cold and warm color types. In addition, it looks good on short hair, and such is a distinctive feature of the girls of our time.

Dark “mass” and cold blond (“fried coconut” as they say in the West) are the trend for short to medium hair. However, this is not the most fashionable shade, it has been popular for a long time and will surprise few people.

Remember that strong lightening harms the strands, therefore, the luxury that nature has awarded must be carefully looked after. You will also need an anti-yellow shampoo – but not necessary, and below you will find out why.

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