10 Famous Women Who Has The Most Beautiful Lips

What women do not go to to become more attractive! Plastic surgery, beauty injections, tons of makeup … But they just don’t think at all that “artificial” beauty sometimes looks frightening, and in pursuit of it they lose the most important thing – individuality.

For example, every second girl dreams of correcting her lips, making them plump and seductive. This fashion originated in the days of Nefertiti. Of course, modern beauties have much more opportunities, but if you see a girl with full lips, it is not necessary that this is the result of the work of plastic surgeons.

This article will focus on the largest lips in the world. Their owners are famous women, singers, actresses. You can admire their seductive lips, and you will also find the answer to the question: yours or plastic?

10. Meg Ryan

American actress Meg Ryan recently turned 58. She, like all women with public professions, takes care of herself and tries to do everything to look younger.

Meg even resorted to the services of plastic surgeons on several occasions. In 2013, the actress shocked fans at the Italian Film Festival. Her lips have always been a topic of discussion, but this time she overdid it.

Ryan’s lips were compared to dumplings, it was difficult for her to smile. It is worth noting that the actress does not pay attention to other people’s opinions. Apparently, she feels young and desirable. Meg says that she has never done plastic surgery, but if you look at photographs from different years, everything will be clear without words.

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