10 Celebrities With Aspergers Syndrome

Many people who meet a disoriented and self-talked person rush to consider him a schizophrenic or mentally unbalanced type.

However, this behavior may well be indicative of Asperger’s syndrome, a form of autism. People with the disease perceive the world around them in a special way and build social ties, of course, not without difficulty.

But autism is not a verdict in the modern world – every 160 children have some type of autism spectrum disorder.

Proper upbringing, love and care, exercise and work with a psychologist allow the baby to adapt to society and lead a completely normal life. And you also need to know that these special children grow into real geniuses, talented personalities, outstanding cultural figures.

Today we will introduce you to 10 celebrities whose Asperger Syndrome you might not even have guessed.

10. Gary Newman

A person with interesting external data and a little “robotic” behavior, he was forced to work on stage, despite the increased anxiety and stress from being in society.

The talented musician was afraid of public attention and popularity, but overcame his fear for the sake of his favorite work.

Newman was not officially confirmed with the diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome, but he himself understands that life’s difficulties and problems with adaptation to society have arisen precisely because of this.

Gary suffered at school, after which there were a number of visits to a psychologist, who made the assumption about the boy’s illness.

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