10 Celebrities Who Look Even Better with a Beard

You have a beard – I’ll tell you yes. Quite a hackneyed phrase from a stupid song, but still there is some truth in it. Whatever one may say, but such an attribute of appearance as a beard can give its owner confidence, radiance of eyes and seriousness of the face.

Lovers of smooth male cheeks indignantly declare that a beard adds age to a man. But this can hardly be called such a global problem because many males are like wine – they only get better over the years.

10. Jake Gyllenhaal

Of course, 38-year-old Jake Gyllenhaal is always charming: with or without a beard. But the way the face changes depending on the vegetation present on it makes you pay close attention to the actor.

Without a beard, Jake’s face seems unnecessarily thin and a little childish. It seems that the look becomes more boyish and frivolous.

Conversely, having a beard adds all the necessary seriousness to Jake, his eyes seem wiser and even, as if, look into the very essence of the human soul.

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